FAQ Test2020-05-27T18:14:02+04:00
Do you offer refunds?2020-05-27T18:08:03+04:00

No. All purchased readings are final.

Do you need any information from me for the reading?2020-12-05T01:03:18+04:00

Yes – a question. Each reading is guided by a question. Otherwise I may occasionally ask for a physical description or a person’s profession, particularly if multiple people are involved.

How long does it take to receive my reading?2020-05-28T18:00:45+04:00

If you selected PDF then I will email it to you within three days (72 hours) of your purchase.

If you selected a Zoom audio reading then I will email you to schedule your reading within three days (72 hours) in accordance with the times/dates you gave me in your purchase.


Do you offer refunds?2020-05-27T18:11:13+04:00

No, except in instances where I am unable to begin your working at the scheduled time I give you during your consultation.

What about multiple workings? Are they required?2020-05-27T18:10:11+04:00

Sometimes, yes. Usually this is the case for drastic changes and shifts. I am always happy to work on this for you to the best of my ability and for as long as we both deem it a good investment of our combined time and resources.

Can you guarantee your work?2020-05-27T18:09:45+04:00

Unfortunately, no. Although my success rate is quite good there are never any guarantees with folk magic services or indeed in life at all. I can, however, guarantee to work to the very best of my capabilities on your behalf.

What does the report contain?2020-05-27T18:09:15+04:00

Pictures of your working along with my insights into the working as well as any further recommendations I might have.

How long does it take to receive a report of my folk magic service?2020-05-27T18:08:39+04:00

Three days (72 hours) to one week. I will email you a PDF of your working to the address you used when contacting me.

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