Lucky Friday the 13th Oil


I have crafted this Lucky Friday the 13th oil in appreciation for this often reviled day. Furthermore, it has been brewed in the spirit of twisting that which is seemingly awful into something that can be of service to us – which is precisely what history teaches us witches most often do. Finally, I have also crafted this oil in the style of how I am most dedicated to operating as a witch and rootworker – by taking circumstances that may seem terrible and turning them around to help others in times of need.

Available in 1/2 oz vial.



What Is it?

It is a magically and ritually infused oil, designed especially to take that which is bad and turn it around into that which is good. For example it can take the measure of one’s own bad luck and transform it  into good while maintaining the same level of potency – the worst your luck is before you use it it, the more powerful your good luck will be through its use. In effect it re-calibrates the scales of fortune and luck in your favor. I have observed that it will also enhance one’s own good luck.

What It Contains

Cinnamon, star anise, alkanet root, orange peel, dragon’s blood resin, a lemongrass wreath from my garden, 13 four-leaf clovers found by yours truly, and a pinch of hair from a black cat I encountered long ago much affection.

Ingredients were chosen for their virtues of luck-shifting and enhancing, acceleration, protection, and in the case of the black cat’s hair as an icon of Friday the 13th and as a cultural symbol of what many might consider unlucky while being manipulated so as to be quite the opposite.

The oil is incredibly fragrant, though it does not contain any essential oils. In many instance essential oils cannot always be sustainably sourced. In the interest of wanting to make this rare oil as free of ethical concerns as possible I have refrained from including essential oils in this blend.

Vitamin E oil has been added as a preservative.

How It Was Crafted

Before I even began the process a wild black cat appeared outside my kitchen window. I gave it an offering of food from my own cat’s  supply and acknowledged it as an auspicious omen.

The oil itself was brewed in my kitchen beginning at 6:35 pm EST in Jupiter’s hour – the greater celestial benefic who presides over good fortune. Even though Friday is ruled by Venus and I am paying homage to her role as sovereign queen of this iconic day,  on this day she herself was in Virgo the sign of her fall. To that end it is Jupiter who this oil is more ritualistically aligned to.

Each ingredient was stirred to ariseto the intended purpose before being infused in a base of almond oil by the light of a black candle and where the light of the full moon could fall upon the oil.

Specific incantations were recited over the oil 13 times in number. The oil was closely monitored and allowed to infuse until the moon reached its peak at 12:33 AM EST.

From there the oil was then allowed to cool for a time and then poured into its final containers. Crushed pyrite and 13 alligator teeth were added to the containers, both considered emblems of good luck in southern United States rootwork and Hoodoo. The jars were then passed under one of my favorite ladders 13 times and left to sit under it for 13 hours until at the conclusion of that time Jupiter’s hour came around again.

It was then allowed to rest until the next full moon on Sunday, October 13, 5:07 PM EST where much of it was then bottled into the ½ oz vials and allowed to further rest. I should also like to note that the black cat from the initial brewing made its second appearance as I began the process of bottling the oil into the smaller vials.


You can use this oil to anoint yourself, candles or charms, add it to a floor wash for your home, and incorporate it into your practices as you would any other magical oil. I did extensive trial runs of the oil utilizing a small batch I siphoned off before the initial resting phase. What I have seen it accomplish are:

  • It stabilized my phone that was on the brink of annihilation until I found a new phone to my liking, which I now have at the writing of this. In addition I received an additional $100 off my new phone due to an obscure promotion.
  • It turned a home repair situation around completely and reduced it to a mere fraction of the cost. I can assure you there are few things more alarming to hear as a home owner than ‘water damage’.
  • It reconciled two lovers who were not only at odds with one another, but at the time barely speaking.
  • It turned a personal situation of my own around, with the other party offering a rather unexpected apology.

There is more, though I should like to leave it up to you to explore this powerful oil for yourself if you so chose.

What You Will Receive

You will receive a ½ oz bottle of Lucky Friday the 13th oil with an unobtrusive handcrafted label. Each vial will also include some of the materia – the plants, pyrite, and alligator teeth – that was used in the creation of the oil. New materia will not be added to the vials so as to maintain the ritual integrity of the oil. While I would love for each of you to receive a vial with an alligator tooth or even a four leaf clover, I cannot unfortunately guarantee that. Please allow for variation as each vial will be hand filled by me and thus unique.


There is a potential to stain given the red coloring the oil has taken on during the infusion process. While I personally have liberally anointed my skin with it, my skin is oily and those with dryer skin may experience staining. Please be mindful of what you apply the oil to and the clothing you are wearing if you anoint yourself.

As with all spiritual and magical products nothing can be guaranteed and your own experiences may vary. If ever you feel uncomfortable utilizing something please refrain from doing so. Your peace of mind is paramount to everything else.

If in general you find Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day for you, then this oil may not work well for you. While I cannot verify that with certainty, that is my logical estimation in the interest of helping you make an informed choice.

Still, it is my sincere hope that this oil will serve you in times of need to turn things around for the better.

Not intended for internal consumption.

Final Note

Please be mindful that this oil is incredibly limited as there will not be another full moon on Friday the 13th for 30 years. If I am around then I’ll happily brew up more. However, if I am dead please let me sleep. I can assure you my ghost will be quite tired and in need long rest.

Thank you for your interest.

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Weight 2 oz


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